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Delinquent Tax Dynamic Table – Additional Info

In Ohio, property tax bills are paid one year in arrears.
2017 taxes were due in 2018
2016 taxes were due in 2017
2015 taxes were due in 2016

Property taxes are the #1 source of revenue for Pike County.
The property tax money pays for your schools, your roads, Children Services, and all of the other government functions provided by the Pike County government. When taxes are not collected, then everyone in the community suffers. The Auditor’s office is NOT trying to collect these taxes. Collection of taxes in Ohio is the responsibility of Treasurers. We are trying to identify all parcels that need to be deleted from the real estate records.

Some of these parcels are no longer considered “real” parcels due to splits and combinations with other land. This means, when the job is done correctly, those parcels are deleted from the records. When the Auditor and Treasurer perform their duties as elected officials in accordance with Ohio law, these deleted parcels are required to be removed from the tax duplicate.In the last three years, we have cleaned up hundreds of parcels that should have been deleted, sometimes many decades ago. The oldest parcel found to date, after extensive research, should have been deleted in 1926. However, the majority of the hundreds of parcels we found, most of the errors were from the early 1980s until 2016.

Our goal is to complete the cleanup of the Pike County real estate records, but time is running out, so we need your help. Are you on this list? Or friends or family or great-grandparents? (yes, seriously.) We currently believe there are a least 50 parcels that should have been deleted before 1960, so do not limit yourself to living family and friends. Sometimes the names may be your grandparents or great-grandparents. For example, there are two parcels under the name E.O. Jones. We are quite confident these parcels are not real, but the records were not maintained properly and too many years have passed. It is often difficult and sometimes impossible for us to verify the history, so we appreciate any assistance the public can provide to track down all of the parcels that need to be deleted from the records.

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Erica Snodgrass is a lifelong resident of Pike County, she graduated from Scioto Valley Local Schools in 1997 and attended Shawnee State University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. In 2009, Erica obtained her Certified Public Accounting license through the State of Ohio. Before being elected as Pike County Auditor, Erica was the Office Manager for Seif & Shugart, LLC for 10 years. Erica lives in Piketon with her husband and her two children. Erica was elected to the position of County Auditor in 2015. Auditor Snodgrass makes the interest of taxpayers her first priority and therefore she runs an office that is driven by facts, numbers, and fairness, not politics.
Erica J. Snodgrass, CPA

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